Representative Matters

Laura Quilter’s career is dedicated to empowering individuals and supporting the public interest in information policy and law. Laura takes select clients only, based on her ability to meet their needs, and a fit between the client’s work and Laura’s professional mission. Creators, activists, not-for-profit organizations, educators, and GLAM institutions (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) are encouraged to contact Laura on relevant matters.

  • film animator regarding copyright issues relating to use of pre-1972 sound recordings (prior to passage of the Music Modernization Act of 2018)
  • local citizen journalism newspaper regarding copyright, privacy, defamation, etc.
  • individual responding to vendor’s refusal to digitize family photos of uncertain provenance
  • nonprofit activist organization responding to trademark complaint
  • citizen seeking assistance in Massachusetts Public Records Act matter
  • small performance space inappropriately targeted for public performance royalties
  • film animator regarding copyright fair use and trademark issues
  • nonprofit scientific society regarding trademark matters in legal ethics context
  • scholarly open access archive responding to copyright complaint
  • nonprofit seeking advice on trademark registration, privacy policy, etc.
  • author seeking to reclaim copyrights from an out of business publisher
  • documentary filmmaker assessing copyright and trademark concerns